The Great Disruption EP

by Julez

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The EP & title track is inspired by and named after Australian Climate expert Paul Gilding's book "The Great Disruption". Gilding argues that "We have come to the end of economic growth 1.0, a world economy based on consumption and waste, where we lived beyond the means of our planet's ecosystems and resources."


released August 13, 2011

1. The great disruption - (Prod: DJ Sizzle)
2. Make it clear (Part 1) ft Syreneiscreamy (Prod: Julez)
3. Big Bad World ft Manix (Prod: Julez)
4. vaudevillas (Vocal Version) ft Ming (Prod: Julez)



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Julez the mc Melbourne, Australia

Fusing tight flows, creative concepts, and his own brand of innovative hip-hop production, Julez is steadily becoming a unique force in the Australian hip-hop scene. His debut self titled LP dropped independently in September 2010 and since then attention has snowballed. His latest release "The Great Disruption" is inspired by a book of the same title & is available for free download from bandcamp ... more

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Track Name: The Great Disruption (prod: DJ Sizzle)
it's the elephant in the room the skeleton in the closet
it's the doomsday device ticking away in yr pocket it's the
nuclear rockets we got aimed at each other it's like
"I swear i'll pull this trigger my brother better make me an offer" properly poppin populations for property
playin foreign metropolitan cities like its monopoly
profiting from poverty actin with animosity
propagate a system that's built upon inequality
what are we thinking? i'm not even speaking morally how
long did we think that we could keep up an economy
honestly that only benefits a minority the
majority of people'll see that's it's categorically
not representing their real needs or priorities
take away the consent that they've given to the authorities
and on a global scale we're the beneficiaries
so we wont really panic till it threaten our liberties

The great disruption blatant corruption leads to
major production lines failure to function
major malfunction when we came to the junction
"do we change or become the victim of a fatal eruption"

it goes deep but it's not all malicious
a lot of us support militia guerillas just out of ignorance
before it reaches our hands its not our business it's
very convenient thinkin it renders us innocent
essentially these thoughts render us impotent
if we cant recognise our own efforts as citizens
the only way that we can vote is with our money
cos it's all become a joke, but it really isn't funny
when your own government's becoming privately funded
providing freedoms to the companies denied to the public
it's like fuck it the bottom line is the profit... but
you'll be forced to carry the load tighten your budget
planned obsolescence when its tired we chuck it
& pretend were disconnected from the cycles of rubbish
and all this time we've said it's fine when it wasn't
but it's alright cos now there's no choice left it's time to stop it

We call upon the evolutionary power that binds us
we call upon the evolutionary power that drives us
we call upon the evolutionary power of life
in this desperate hour show us how to survive